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🛒 Leef Travelcare’s 2020 Holiday Gift box is HERE! | CLICK TO ORDER

If you’ve been following our journey on TikTok or Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been in a low-grade panic about prepping the shop for this holiday season since about August…

This is Leef’s first holiday season, and I wanted to give shoppers an all-in-one introduction to our products plus an extra limited edition treat, packaged in eco conscious ready to gift, packaging. If you’re looking to support a small earth-friendly business this holiday season, this box is for you!

Welcome to our latest launch and our very first…

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🛒 Sugar Cookie Face Scrub is HERE! | CLICK TO ORDER NOW!

It’s been a weird year to say the least. And although I’m not interested in carrying on as if the world isn’t a very different place from last year, I think we can look into those long standing traditions, the happy memories, those little moments at the eye of the storm and find a brief escape. A small moment to breathe deep.

That’s what Sugar Cookie face scrub is all about. We took the concept of oil cleansing, blended it with the oat base you already love, and…

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🌿 Here’s a secret, Moringa Morning was actually kind of a fluke! I just had some extra organic Moringa powder hanging around and thought “hmm what if…” After using it for just a week I was hooked and knew this luscious foaming green face wash was a winner. It’s soft and soothing, antibacterial and PACKED with Vitamins C, A and E

Moringa Oleifera The ultimate skincare multitasker

Moringa is such a powerhouse when used in the skincare routine because it addresses the 3 most common skin concerns…

  • Aging skin,
  • Acne-Prone Skin
  • Dull, Sun Damaged Skin

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It’s finally here! After brainstorming, revisions, and what felt like a million trial batches to find the perfect consistency, we’re so so excited to announce that the Multiverse Multibalm is finally here!

Why did we choose a balm for your next product?

Whenever we find ourselves in the product development stage we’re really trying to think about those essential, deserted on an island staples. …

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I first discovered the joys of a good coffee scrub for use in the shower. You could always find me whipping up a batch any time I had cheap instant coffee and a bit of coconut oil around.

That said, I knew it would be WAY too harsh for the delicate skin on the face and while coconut oil can be soothing and moisturizing, it’s also pretty high on the comedogenic scale which means it easily clogs pores and is often problematic for those with oily and acne prone skin.

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Lightweight, Effective & Eco Friendly, That’s Leef!

When I set out to make spill-proof skincare for nomads I knew I’d need some sort of thickening agent that would stop the ooze. Of course like all of our ingredients I had some strict requirements.

  • They had to be whole and unprocessed,
  • They had to be plant based and contain zero animal products (vegan)
  • They had to be non-allergenic.

Enter the amazing Oat! Oats originally peaked my interest because I knew that they fulfilled all of the above points AND folks with celiac’s disease and gluten intolerance could also use them because they’re naturally gluten free.

Only after I…

Leef Travelcare

🌱 Lightweight, Effective & Eco Friendly Skincare for nomads. Handmade in New Jersey 🚐💕

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