🌱Organic Oats: The Skincare Powerhouse Your Face Has Been Begging For

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3 min readAug 7, 2020
Lightweight, Effective & Eco Friendly, That’s Leef!

When I set out to make spill-proof skincare for nomads I knew I’d need some sort of thickening agent that would stop the ooze. Of course like all of our ingredients I had some strict requirements.

  • They had to be whole and unprocessed,
  • They had to be plant based and contain zero animal products (vegan)
  • They had to be non-allergenic.

Enter the amazing Oat! Oats originally peaked my interest because I knew that they fulfilled all of the above points AND folks with celiac’s disease and gluten intolerance could also use them because they’re naturally gluten free.

Only after I did more research I realized that Oats are the ultimate skincare multitasker.

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1. Saponins

Oats are full of the stuff. Saponins are a phytochemical which can be found in most vegetables, beans and herbs but in especially high concentrations in Oats. They’re widely considered to be nature’s surfactants because when they come into contact with water they make a natural foam very similar to what we’re used to in traditional soap. So, more cleansing for your buck? We’re down.

2. They’re hella SOOTHING

Remember getting chicken pocks as a kid? Remember having to take oatmeal baths? That wasn’t just a wives tale! Oats contain anti-inflammatory components vitamin E, ferulic acid, and aventhramides.

3. They help skin retain MOISTURE

We’ve got good Ol’ Hydrocolloids to thank for that. (Yep just like the acne patches!) Oats create a protective barrier to keep the skin from losing moisture, so keep drinking your 8 glasses a day, Oats will help with the rest!


Ok, not to much thick, as FAT. Meaning they contain more fat and natural oils than most other grains, like 2–5x more. More fats mean more skin plumping goodness for you

5. Oats are NOURISHING

We finely mill our own organic oats to make a beautifully soft and gently exfoliating oat flour that’s used in all of our face washes. This this creamy texture along with natural cleansers and oats saponins means that they won’t leak or spill in your pack, but as soon as they hit the water, they turn into a soft creamy foam that turns your morning or evening wash into that perfect timeout self care ritual.

Eco packaging, no synthetics, 100% plant-based skincare.

Join us in taking a step toward offsetting our planet’s addiction to plastic by using recycle-able and re-purpose-able non plastic containers, using sustainable shipping materials and production practices.🌱

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