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3 min readAug 7, 2020

I first discovered the joys of a good coffee scrub for use in the shower. You could always find me whipping up a batch any time I had cheap instant coffee and a bit of coconut oil around.

That said, I knew it would be WAY too harsh for the delicate skin on the face and while coconut oil can be soothing and moisturizing, it’s also pretty high on the comedogenic scale which means it easily clogs pores and is often problematic for those with oily and acne prone skin.

homemade coffee & coconut oil body scrub, let me know if you want a recipe post!

First step, the coffee-of course! We first take high quality organic coffee grounds and pulverize them into fine soft powder the consistency of four. They’re gently blended together with safflower oil our foaming soap base and of course lovely oats to make a nutrient-dense and detoxifying scrub fit for any face!

So what’s the BUZZ?

In addition to tightening and firming caffeine, caffeic acid naturally found in coffee is a powerful antioxidant, that in studies, has shown to reduce signs of aging as well as boost the skins ability to produce collagen. Not to mention that coffee helps reduce trans-epidermal water loss and it’s got compounds that work similar to the way Hyaluronic Acid works to keep skin from losing moisture.

Can you really get enough of a good thing?

Enter Green Tea. Another antioxidant powerhouse! There are two “BUZZ”es in the name aren’t there? Of course, green tea will have you buzzing with it’s caffeine boost as well but it’s also got EGCG which fights damage on the DNA level and helps to prevent sun damage. It’s also an inflammation fighter and actually natural antibacterial.

Super-Buzz makes an awesome companion to both Moringa Morning or Oat Cleanse as both a morning scrub or the perfect way to wash the day away.

Try all three with a set of our Travel minis, or gear up for your next adventure with full size and refillable mini for travel.

Eco packaging, no synthetics, 100% plant-based skincare.

Join us in taking a step toward offsetting our planet’s addiction to plastic by using recycle-able and re-purpose-able non plastic containers, using sustainable shipping materials and production practices.🌱

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